Centerstone Offering Video Conference To Support Parents

Apr 9, 2020

Centerstone will be offering a series of video conferences to support parents in April. The conferences are part of the Parent Peers Empowering Parents program and will help families get support while continuing social distancing.

Centerstone clinical manager for family programs Niki Grajowski said the programs are open to any parents in the region.

"They would be appropriate for any parent who either just wants to connect with other parents who might be navigating issues within mental health or just parenting in general," she said.

The sessions begin on April 21st, and will focus on self care for caregivers. 

"So, we'll be covering a variety of different things that maybe parents or caregivers can think about in terms of self care, maybe we'll give them some options for things that they can do during this time to help care for themselves," Grajewski said. "And probably also help them to recognize that the stress that they're feeling is probably valid and real."

Anyone interested in joining the conference can find the details on Centerstone’s website or on their Facebook page