Centerstone and Fellowship House of Anna to Join Forces

Dec 12, 2019

In a move designed to increase access for substance use disorder services across southern Illinois, Centerstone and Fellowship House of Anna are aligning their services, starting on January 6.

The two organizations made the announcement Thursday. 

Centerstone provides mental health care, addiction treatment and community education services. Fellowship House serves those with substance use disorders and related problems.

Fellowship House CEO Mickey Finch says the two organizations will compliment each other.

"We have a detox, medically monitored and a residential rehabiliation program. They have other substance use disorder programs, like the MAT program and they have an outpatient, they have some case management. They've also got a lot of mental health services we could possibly utilize like tele-psychiatry while people are in our residential program."

Finch says she's been thinking about this concept for about ten years. She says now was the right time because there are many new rules in this industry.

"They were rules a bigger corporation could handle, but we're a little organization of 25 people and it is very difficult to keep up with everything. They have the infrastructure that will enable us to make sure we do that."

Finch says the new alignment will operate under the Centerstone name, with her facility re-named Centerstone-Fellowship House Campus.

She says the only employee to be impacted will be her because she is retiring after the transition period, which will be complete by July 1.