Carbondale Park District Facilities Operating With Modifications

Apr 23, 2020

The spread of COVID-19 has forced park districts in the region to make some changes.

The Carbondale Park District had to make some modifications to how they operate their facilities due to COVID-19.

The playgrounds, bathrooms, day cares and the golf course are off limits until the governor's “stay at home” order is lifted.

Executive director Kathy Renfro says people can still use the parts that are open.

“We have to enjoy the outdoors still with social distancing in mind, so keeping those six-foot barriers.”

For now, the summer camps are also postponed.

“We would hope to run some smaller camps and get the day cares back open.”

Renfro says when they are able to open the pools, there’s a possibility they’ll limit the number of swimmers and they have to find a way to keep the lockers rooms sanitized.

“Staff is working diligently to develop what those protocols will look like and not just in the pools, but in all of our facilities.”