Carbondale Mayor Presents State Of The City Address

Dec 17, 2019

Carbondale Mayor John “Mike” Henry presented his State of the City address Tuesday during the Carbondale Chamber of Commerce monthly luncheon.

He highlighted the city’s development and future growth.

Mayor Henry gave his State of the City address on Tuesday emphasizing many of the city’s accomplishments in 2019.

“Over 15 million dollars was invested in the community in remodeling and new construction.”

Carbondale saw 6 new restaurants open their doors along with Planet Fitness and Home Goods that will open early next year.

SIH completed construction on the SIU Family Medicine facility and Illinicare open in the University Mall.

In November the city announced it received a 14-million-dollar grant to build a multimodal transportation center with construction set to begin in 2021.

Mayor Henry wants to incorporate a daycare in the new facility.

Carbondale Mayor Gives State Of The City Address
Credit Benjy Jeffords / WSIU

“People seeking entry level jobs, the two biggest impediments to them are daycare and transportation.”

The city also plans on installing solar arrays at three of the city’s properties.

“Our goal is to become a leader of the deployment of sustainable energy in Southern Illinois and set the bar for the other communities and we have done that.”

The mayor also emphasized the city choose not to raise property tax, the success of the second Halloween, the accomplishments of the police and fire departments.