Carbondale Man Accused of Threatening to Blow Up a Building

Jul 2, 2018

A southern Illinois man is charged with falsely making a threat to blow up a Military Recruiting Center.

The U.S. attorney says 42-year-old George Rita II of Carbondale was arrested and charged on Friday for posting an anonymous message to a FBI tip line in West Virginia. The message claimed the sender planned to go to a recruitment center and blow it up and that no one could stop him. No location was given for the threatened recruitment center.

Agents of the FBI were able to track the source of the threat back to Rita's Carbondale apartment. Agents also determined the threat was against a U.S. Military Recruiting Center in Carbondale, close to Rita's apartment.

The complaint charges Rita with Maliciously Conveying False Information Regarding a Bomb Threat. The violation carries up to 10 years in prison.