Carbondale Human Relations Commission Addresses "Cops in Schools" Program

Aug 4, 2015

Carbondale leaders say they want to know more about a suspended cops-in-schools program.

Carbondale Elementary School Superintendent suspended the program last month, and during Tuesday's Human Relations Commission meeting, Commissioner Faith Miller said there were just too many unanswered questions.
"Well the underlying problem, or issue with the program initially was that there was no input from parents."
Several other commissioners agreed and suggested a follow-up public forum should be held soon - to see if the program can be reinstated. Interim Police Chief Jeff Grubbs agreed with the idea, but pointed out some timing concerns for the proposal.
"I think it would premature at this point to hold a forum on the police schools program during the month of August.   The school district obviously like we are focused currently on getting our children back into the schools and not only those elementary and high school students that we have, but also what we hope will be over 18-thousand college students at the University."
Despite placing the program on hiatus, Superintendent Shimshak did say that it was enjoyed by the students and the police officers.