Carbondale Has A New Entrance Monument

Jun 7, 2017

Leaders with the City of Carbondale and SIU-C attended a ribbon cutting Wednesday for the new entrance monument along Route 13 on the east side of town.

The sign reads "Welcome to Carbondale, Home of Southern Illinois University." Mayor Mike Henry says it's important to brand Carbondale as the home of a major research institution.

"We have to work as partners together. What's good for one of us is good for both. This is just a way to say we're working together."

SIU-C interim Chancellor Brad Colwell says the sign symbolizes the strong relationship between the city and the university.

"If we can make the city look better because of what we do at the university, or vice versa, that's a win-win. Then, it'll help with enrollment. If it makes the impression with mom and dad or a student, if this is the first impression they get of Carbondale, then it's going to be a good one. We could use all the positive P.R. we could get, so it's a great first step."

The City of Carbondale and the SIU Foundation split the cost of the 77-thousand dollar project.