Cape Girardeau County DCC Welcomes President Trump to Cape

Nov 5, 2018

A group of democrats in the Cape Girardeau area says it's delighted republican President Donald Trump will be holding a rally tonight in the River City.

Andy Leighton is a spokesperson for the Cape Girardeau County Democratic Central Committee. He says the president's message is toxic.

"Fair-minded republicans, independents and democrats are turned off by all the negative, divisive language and rhetoric coming out of the White House. I just think it's too our favor. I promise you, we are happy to have him here."

Leighton says instead of President Trump's message about this election being about Justice Brett Kavanaugh, immigration reform and the economy, the top issue for voters is health care, specifically, protection of pre-existing conditions. He says democratic officeholders and candidates have done a good job of getting that message across.

Leighton says when the GOP president cancelled a rally in Cape Girardeau in September, his group gained more support from people who were ready to protest Trump's divisive campaign message.
"People came forward that we didn't even know supported us. We have gotten together with those people ever since and now he's coming to town and just reminding all of those people why they need to get out and vote against his policies."

President Trump is scheduled to hold a rally at the Show Me Center starting at 9pm Monday.