Candidates Trade Accusations in Second Debate

Lying was a common accusation in the second debate of the governor’s race.

At the end of debate at the DuSable Museum in Chicago, when Gov. Pat Quinn and Bruce Rauner were allowed to ask each other a question, Rauner wanted to know if Quinn will try to make the temporary income tax hike permanent when legislators return to Springfield next month—and didn’t get much of an answer.

“Will you commit today to not…make that income tax hike permanent in November and December as you said you wanted to two weeks ago? Will you commit to not doing that?” Rauner asked.

“I believe in investing in education. I’m committed to education,” Quinn said.

Quinn has said his plan is to keep the state income tax rate at 5 percent, but avoided directly saying so during the debate.

When it was Quinn’s turn to ask a question, he focused on allegations that Rauner once threatened a female executive for suing him.  Rauner called Quinn’s attack on that lawsuit “baloney”, saying it was thrown out by a judge  years ago.