Calm Crowds For President Trump's Visit To Murphysboro

Oct 29, 2018

People who came out to see President Trump in Southern Illinois this weekend say it was a positive experience.

Thousands of people across the region came to Murphysboro Saturday to show President Trump some Southern Illinois hospitality.

Cade Peterson from St Louis made this his second time seeing the President, but it’s his first to Jackson County.

“I meet a lot of good people, weather it be at a gas station or a restaurant, meet a lot of good people.”

He had a completely different experience at the Southern Illinois Airport compared to St Louis.

“There was a gate just like that and it was people waiting in line for the rally and protesters on the other side of the fence, I got spat on a couple times, it was a little more violent.”

Jackson County Republican Party Chairman Gloria Campos doesn’t pass up a chance to see the President, regardless of their party.

“When President Clinton came to Southern Illinois, even though I wasn’t a Democrat, I went to see him because we have respect and honoring the office.”