Budget Talks Resume in Springfield

May 8, 2018

With time against them, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner and top  leaders met again Tuesday morning to talk about adopting a budget before next month.

Republican leaders say they’d like for Democrats to speed up their negotiations and offer a revenue estimate . They say without one, budget negotiators are left in the dark about how much money there is to spend.

But Democratic Senate President John Cullerton – says that’s not what’s holding them up:
“I wouldn’t be hung up on that. That gets into somewhat of a gotcha game and a political fight.”

House Republican Leader Jim Durkin disagrees:
“It’s not gotcha – and our members don’t look at it that way. And it’s very disappointing that Democrats looks at state law as advisory and not something that is obligated.”

A revenue estimate hasn’t been officially adopted in the last few years – but is required by state law and the constitution.

Rauner, who is running for re-election, says he is available to talk and would like more meetings over the next three weeks.