The Boys and Girls Club of Carbondale Has A Big Increase In Members From Last

Feb 1, 2018

The Boys and Girls Club of Carbondale is letting the community know how much they help areas kids and that they also need some help.

Over the last year The Boys and Girls Club of Carbondale saw a 30% increase in members across their 4 sites in town.

With a daily attendance average of over 300 members at a yearly cost of over 340 per member, things add up.

“We don’t want to turn kids away, because they need us.”

Executive Director Tina Carpenter wants the community to know the amount of impact they have on hundreds of kids in the community.

“Research shows that the longer that they come, the better they do in school, the better they do at making healthy decisions and stronger character and leadership.”

Tiana Myers is this years recipient of the youth of the year award, she also let the community know how the club impacted her life.

“When I first became a member I was too shy to even raise my hand in class to answer questions I knew the answer to but now I’m confident enough to come up here and speak to you guys today and tell you about how much they’ve changed me.”

An increase in members also comes with a decrease in funds.

Carpenter says unless they can have more money coming in to match members then they may have to cut staff which means not as many kids will be able to come.

“I don’t want that to happen, I want our kids to be able to come and have a place to be.”

The current annual budget for the boys and girls club is over $280,000.

More information about The Boys and Girls Club of Carbondale can be found here.