Bost Says $5 Billion for Border Security is Vital This Year

Jan 3, 2019

Southern Illinois Congressman Mike Bost says House democrats are going to propose a budget that does not include five billion dollars for border security.

The Murphysboro republican says he's been behind funding for border security from the start.

"Originally, I supported the 20-billion. I voted twice for securing the border and providing the revenue stream long-term to secure the border. That five billion is exactly what the border agents, along with their research and everything, that's just for securing the border for this next year. That's why we've got to have it for this next year."
Bost says GOP leaders in the U.S. Senate have told the majority democrats in the House that a budget proposal without funding for border security will not pass their chamber.

Thousands of federal workers are not getting paid as the partial government shutdown hits the two-week mark.

Bost says history shows Congress will approve back pay for these workers.
"Any government shutdown that has ever occurred, the people who are furloughed at that time, they have never not received back pay."
The Murphysboro republican says he doesn't like to see hard-working people stressed, but he also doesn't like the stress of migrants trying to enter America's southern border.