Bernice King Shares Father's Legacy In Springfield

Feb 17, 2016
Originally published on February 15, 2016 2:16 pm

On Friday, Bernice King spoke to a group in Springfield representing the Abraham Lincoln Association - which regularly honors the president's birthday with scholarly symposiums. King was there to accept the "Spirit of Lincoln" award on behalf of her parents - Coretta Scott King and Martin Luther King Jr. 

King spoke in praise of the group for recently appointing both its first African-American and female leader, Kathryn Harris. She spoke about Lincoln, her father, and the civil rights movement past and present. The following are selections from that lecture:

Bernice King is CEO of the King Center, which continues her father's fight for non-violent social change. She also follows in her father's foot-steps as a Reverend. King told the Abraham Lincoln Association that gun-control is a major concern. "As my father would say, if we're not careful we're going to destroy ourselves in the misuse of our own instruments: guns." You can listen to the entirety of her comments, here:

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