Bar Association Offers Disaster Help

Apr 6, 2012

The Illinois State Bar Association is offering up some advice and services for people affected by severe weather and other disasters.

Association President John Locallo says their disaster guide answers questions for just about every legal problem.
"Things you would think about, like for instance property damage and the like. And things that you might not think about, for instance you're renting your apartment - do you have to pay rent now that the building is gone? Or what if you own your home, do you have to pay your mortgage or can that be extended in any way? There may be employer/employee issues. There's different laws, different agencies, things that come into play... whether it's dealing with property, or crops, or livestock."
Locallo says there are some free or reduced-prices services available for those who can't afford an attorney after a disaster.  In addition, he says extra help is being made available to the residents of Harrisburg and other parts of the region that saw damage.

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