Ballot Access Easier for Unqualified Parties in Illinois

Feb 15, 2016

Independent and third party candidates will have an easier time running for office in Illinois, thanks to a ruling just made by a U-S District Court judge.

A Libertarian candidate sued several years ago to challenge the state's "full slate" law.

It requires unqualified parties - any party besides Democrats or Republicans - to run full slates of statewide and county candidates. Chairman of Illinois' Libertarian Party Lex Green says it that can be next to impossible for new parties.

"To me you can say whatever you want but it hides a political agenda. Because again if you make the burden of getting on the ballot higher for somebody than for somebody else, then this is obviously unequal treatment under the law, which in my book is wrong."

The order - issued Friday by Judge Andrea R. Wood of the Northern District U.S. Court - says the law is unconstitutional. A decision hasn't yet been published.