In The Author's Voice: Packaging Away the Planet

Aug 1, 2019

An effort is underway by environmental groups to reduce the use and reliance on single-use plastic – things like plastic bottles and those shopping bags that many grocery and retail stores use.     In an effort to reduce the plastic footprint, Greenpeace has been urging retail and grocery stores to voluntarily curb their single-use plastics.

Three ways retailers must act: Be Transparent, Prioritize Reduction, Invest in Innovation ~ Packaging Away the Planet

David Pinsky is the co-author of the new report Packaging Away the Planet.  It ranks 20 of the largest US grocery retailers on their efforts to eliminate single use plastics.   WSIU's Jeff Williams recently talked with Pinsky about the report and how we are collectively doing at reducing our reliance on single-use plastic.

David Pinsky is co-author of the Greenpeace report Packaging Away the Planet.  View the full report here.

Pinsky is also author of  Greenpeace USA's annual seafood sustainability report.