Attorney General Candidate Jesse Ruiz Visits Carbondale

Feb 5, 2018

While Illinois early voting begins this week, democrat and Illinois attorney general candidate, Jesse Ruiz, made a campaign stop in Carbondale Monday. 
Ruiz was born to Mexican immigrant parents and lives in Chicago. He studied economics at the University of Illinois.

"And then went on to the University of Chicago Law School. It was a good time to be there because I had Elaine Keegan, now on the U.S. Supreme Court, as my civil procedure professor and Barack Obama as my professor for a seminar."
Ruiz also appointed the hiring of Southern Illinois University President, Randy Dunn, to the position of state superintendent of education- the first person to fill the position. When it comes to higher education, Ruiz says he wants Illinois schools to be well-funded and competitive.

And as for the President of the United States, Ruiz says he'll stand up to Donald Trump if there is a reason.
"Presidents are not beyond being questioned and challenged."
Ruiz says when going to the polls, voters should look at what candidates did BEFORE running for office.

There are eight democrats running for the office of attorney general.