Arrests Could Solve Rash of Burglaries in Murphysboro

May 8, 2018

Murphysboro Police hope they have solved the mystery of who has been committing a rash of home and auto burglaries in town.

Chief of Police Chad Roberts says 14 home and auto burglaries were reported in the southwestern and northern parts of town during the week of April 16th and again on April 29th.

But, Roberts says people are in custody that could solve the case.
"We've made arrests for burglaries, which have occurred in other parts of town and we've retrieved a great deal of stolen property from a location in town. We believe those may be connected to the burglaries that occurred. We've increased officer presence in the residential neighborhoods. We have not had any reported since occurrences, which happened on the (April) 29th. Now, I do want to stress that anybody that's a victim of a crime, I much prefer it to be reported than unreported because the smallest clue can help us break a crime open."

Roberts says clusters of home and auto burglaries like this are not unusual in Murphysboro.

He says fortunately no injuries were reported.

The names of those arrested have not been released yet.