Area Superintendents Speak Out About School Funding

School superintendents from southern Illinois are pushing lawmakers to reach an agreement on overhauling the state's school funding formula.

Some spoke in Springfield Wednesday.

Sandoval School District Superintendent Jennifer Garrison says she and her colleagues believe SB 1 meets the needs of their core principles.
"The formula must be based on student need; account for local property wealth; close gaps and keep them closed and have a long term stable solution. No red numbers for Chicago, for Sandoval, for East St. Louis. No red numbers for anybody."
Cairo School District Superintendent Andrea Evers says her students face unparalleled poverty.
"A hundred percent of our children live in poverty every day. Senate Bill 1 is the only legislation that really addresses all children, regardless of zip code."

Cobden School District Superintendent Edwin Shoemate says with the new school year underway, something must be done now.
"We have missed two checks for general state aid and our third check is now in jeopardy. We have reached an urgent point to where something has to be done and it has to be done quickly."
Centralia High School Superintendent Chuck Lane says his district can't operate much longer under the current circumstances.
"We have enough money to make it through September. But, we will not make it through October without any general state aid. We've already missed two general state aid payments and much of us just can't go much longer than that."

Lawmakers have until August 29 to override the Governor's veto on the education funding bill.

House Speaker Mike Madigan says if there's no compromise this week, he'll schedule a House override vote next week.