Anna Sees a Peaceful Demonstration

Jun 4, 2020

Between 120 and 150 sign-carrying marchers demonstrated peacefully in Anna on Thursday.

Many of the marchers carried signs reading "I Can't Breathe"  and "Black Lives Matter."

Kevin Jackson lives in Carbondale he was glad to see people behaving.

“I am a black man and I’m out here for the movement..peaceful protests is always the way.”

Lifelong Cobden resident  Mike Trexler was watching from across the street and when asked about the killing of George Floyd, he said he wished others had done more.

“Why didn’t the man who was sitting there filming this poor gentleman, instead of filming it, why didn’t he assist and get the officer off of him? Life matters. All life matters.”

Many of the demonstrators wore masks, even when talking with the media.

Police officers from Anna, Cobden, as well as from the Union County Sheriff's Office, and State Police were on hand to insure a peaceful demonstration.