Anna Fire Dept. Offers Drive-By Birthday Celebrations

Mar 25, 2020

A southern Illinois fire department is trying to make birthdays brighter for local residents during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Anna Fire and Rescue Department is offering to send a fire truck -- with its lights on -- to help local residents celebrate their birthdays during the Shelter at Home order.

Public Information Officer Scott Bennett says the timing worked out because their new firefighters need to complete their driver training requirement.

"It wouldn't hurt if we knew somebody had a birthday, a kid, whose party had been canceled , we could just drive-by, turn the lights on, wave at them, let them know, 'hey, we understand your birthday party may have gotten canceled,' but just maybe bring a little bit of sunshine to the day."

Bennett says they've already done a handful of birthday drive-by celebrations and have two more scheduled this week.

Those wanting their own birthday celebration should send a message on the Anna Fire and Rescue Department's Facebook page.

Bennett says the fire departments in Jonesboro, Cobden, Dongola and Alto Pass are also offering the same service.