AG Madigan Plans for 2018 and Warns About Flood Recovery Scams

May 15, 2017

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan says she's seeking a fifth term next year.

Madigan revealed her 2018 plans last week during an unrelated news conference in Chicago. The Democrat is already the longest-serving attorney general in the state's history.

Madigan considered a gubernatorial run four years ago but announced that she'd seek re-election instead.
She's the daughter of longtime Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan and in a 2013 statement said the state ``would not be well-served by having a governor and speaker of the House from the same family.''

Lisa Madigan first took office in 2003.

Flood waters are going down across the region, but people trying to recover must still be on their guard - particularly against scammers.

Illinois Attorney General Madigan says preventing scammers from taking advantage is easier than recovering losses. She says reputable workers will be able to provide written estimates and contracts, references, and licensing information to potential customers.
"Not so when it's somebody who has come into a community, may only be there 24-48 hours, collects money, promise to do work, and then disappears to another part of the country where it's very difficult to find them, track them down, and get your money back."

Madigan says her office can - and often does - help when people are the victims of scams. You can get more information by going to