After Funding Demands, Trustees Respond

Feb 13, 2020

SIU Trustees say they're doing the best they can when it comes to divvying up state monies, amid criticism from some on the SIU Edwardsville campus.

For a second day Thursday, faculty and staff demanded all new state monies be given to SIUE - citing increased enrollment and years of "doing more with less."

Staff Senate President Ian Toberman says it's time for change.

"You think that this system is a symbiotic ecosystem. That's a goal - it's not the reality. You expect us to sustain our sister campus in Carbondale, both directly and indirectly. That's not symbiosis. That's a parastic relationship."

While trustees did not directly answer the demand during their meeting, the funding issue was not on the agenda and didn't come up for a vote. Board Chair Phil Gilbert says he understands the frustration, but points out there is a process.

"But they need to realize that we are working. We have a new day dawning here with a new President. We're going to solve this issue."

SIU is in the middle of a three-year evaluation of how it splits up state money within the system. Administrators say they're working to come up with an equitable solution that will benefit all campuses.