ACA-Related Bill Fails in Illinois House

Apr 20, 2018

The Illinois House Friday failed to pass legislation meant to protect health insurance benefits under Obamacare.

The measure would prevent Illinois from seeking waivers from the federal law's requirements - like the one that say insurance companies cannot exclude people with pre-existing conditions.

It would also keep the state from imposing work requirements on people in the low-income Medicaid program. The Trump administration has been encouraging both moves.

Democratic state Representative Greg Harris, of Chicago, says a major healthcare decision shouldn't be left solely to the governor.
"Right now with the stroke of his pen, Governor Rauner could go along with Trump and take away the pre-existing condition protections, they could eliminate essential health benefits and raise prices on Illinois consumers."
Governor Rauner has said he isn't considering adding work requirements for Medicaid.

The measure failed by just one vote; Harris says he'll try again in the coming days.