50th Anniversary Celebration of Buckminster Fuller's Book "Operating Manual For Spaceship Earth"

Feb 4, 2019

Five decades ago, R. Buckminster Fuller published his book, "Operating Manual For Spaceship Earth."

A three-day event this week celebrates its 50th Anniversary.

The SIUC University Honors Program invited David McConville, Chair of the Buckminster Fuller Institute to present the 2019 Charles D. Tenney lecture, but organizers say interest kept growing.

Elizabeth Donoghue with the University Honors program helped coordinate the event.

“The lecture series is usually one lecture - and that grew to a three-day event”

From February 5th through 7th, Bucky will be celebrated with lectures, workshops, presentations, dome home tours, and a reception.

Multiple SIU departments collaborated to stage the event similar to how Bucky synergized different disciplines to overlap to produce the best outcome.

“We really are an interdisciplinary center and Bucky carries that message so well, he didn’t call it interdisciplinary education but that is really what he is about.”

The events are free and open to the public, but some require advance reservations by contacting the University Honors Program.