150 Year Old Courthouse Set To Be Replaced In Franklin County

Jun 19, 2019


Franklin County has started the process of replacing their 150-year-old court house on the Benton Square.


After nearly 20 years of discussions and 2 failed referendums Franklin County can start the process of replacing the court house.


In April voters passed a referendum adding a 1% sales tax that can only be used for a new court and renovations to the Campbell building to relocate the court house during construction.


“The estimates show it would actually be cheaper to build a new one than to try and bring that one up to the 21st century.”


 County Board Chairman Randall Crocker says the new sales tax will give the county over $2 million yearly to cover the $20 million project.


“With that 1% sales tax and the amount of money it would take to build it, you know it should pay off very easily within 15 years.”


Once it’s paid off the sales tax goes away.


The county plans to hire an architect by August, relocate all the offices by November, then start tearing down the old one to start construction in the Spring of 2020.


“That is where our court house has been for a number of years and it seems to work, so a lot of people feel like that’s where it should be.”


The New court house is projected to be open in the Spring of 2021.