10th annual Williamson County Traffic Safety Days Keeps Growing

Mar 21, 2018

The 10th annual Williamson County traffic safety days  event is taking place this week.

For 10 years thousands of driver Ed students have come to the Williamson County Pavilion for the Williamson Traffic Safety Days Event.

This event has grown a lot since 2008.

“I think we’re about 3 times the number of students as opposed to ten years ago at the first one.”

Trooper Joshua Haile has given most of these student presentations in their drivers ed class already but this event has a different approach.

“Its more of a hands on approach and I think it really re-enforces what we talked about earlier when we went inside the class room with these students.”

Murphysboro student Maci Uffelman says she’s never been in a fender bender but got to feel that experience in the State Police’s seatbelt convincer.”

“Oh gosh, it was a lot more than I thought it was going to be especially just for like 5 to 10 mile an hour crash I can’t believe what it would actually feel like in a car crash.”

Haile says these hands on experiences are meant to stick with these future drivers so they make better decisions when its they are the responsible ones behind the wheel.

‘These new drivers today they have more out there to distract them than we’ve ever had before.”

The students also learned about work zone safety, motorcycle awareness, no zone semi display and many other activities.