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2021 Election Results: Washington County

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2021 Consolidated Municipal Election Results (contested races only):Centralia Mayor (Multi-County - Vote for 1):
no votes cast in Washington County

Bryan Kuder
Herb Williams

Centralia City Council (Multi-County - Vote for 2):
no votes cast in Washington County

Robert Jackson
Jason Hunter
Jeffrey Castellari
Israel Fontanez, Jr.
Bradley Kent Jones

Centralia Referendum (Multi-County):
no votes cast in Washington County

Shall the corporate authorities of the City of Centralia be authorized to levy a sales tax at a rate of .50% for expenditures on municipal operations, expenditures on public infrastructure, or property tax relief?

Covington Township Highway Commissioner (vote for 1):
Robert Schneider (59 votes)
Chuck Funke -- winner (85 votes)

Covington Township Trustee (vote for 4):
Keith Schuette (107 votes)
Elijah Liske (83 votes)
Bradley Maschhoff (67 votes)
Gerard Restoff (77 votes)
Jeff Hoffman (70 votes)
Leonard Liske (40 votes)

Johannisburg Township Highway Commissioner (vote for 1):
Kyle Borrenpohl (49 votes)
Keith Bergmann -- winner (71 votes)

Johannisburg Township Trustee (vote for 4):
Mark Schneider (85 votes)
Robert Going (68 votes)
Steven Droege (67 votes)
Steve Lintker (87 votes)
Kurt Heckert (88 votes)

Irvington Village President (vote for 1):
Gera Sims (85 votes)
Alan Hoh -- winner (102 votes)

New Minden Village President (vote for 1):
Candice Cross - winner (33 votes)
Arthur Henson (11 votes)

Oakdale Village President (vote for 1):
Cecil Alfeldt -- winner (40 votes)
Sam Pruitt (20 votes)

Centralia Regional Library District (Multi County - vote for 3):
Tracey Starr (116 votes)
Paula Becker (130 votes)
Todd Glispie (101 votes)
Miranda Hapner (100 votes)

Marissa CUSD 40 School Board (Vote for 2):
James Heil
Chelsea De Mange
Jeremy Wiley

Kaskaskia Community College Trustee (vote for 3):
Louis Kalert
Laura Wedekemper
Jeffrey Brown
Charles Lear

Kaskaskia Community College - 2-year term (vote for 1):
Patrick Ashby
Jim Beasley

Regional Education District School Board (vote for 2):
Clinton, Jefferson, Marion, Washington Counties

Tina Winkeler
Dennis Niermann
Cathy Stanford



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