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Carbondale Mayor Reacts To Rejected Graduated Income Tax Constitutional Amendment

Carbondale Mayor Mike Henry
Benjy Jeffords
Carbondale Mayor Mike Henry

Illinois voters rejected the graduated income tax constitutional amendment on election night by a 55 percent to 45 percent margin.

Carbondale Mayor Mike Henry says if the amendment had passed, Illinois would have gained more than 3 billion dollars in annual revenue.


Henry says this would have helped Illinois with an eight billion dollar backlog of bills and with the economic impact of COVID-19.


“I supported it largely because as I studied through it and read everything, I couldn’t see how we could possibly cut ourselves out of this without really hurting a lot of folks in the state of Illinois as far as cutting budgets, so we’ll just have to see what our legislators come up with.”


The Governor has cautioned cuts to public safety and human services may be made to deal with budget deficits.