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Politics & Elections
WSIU's News Team brings you previews and ongoing coverage of the 2015 Illinois Municipal Elections.00000179-2466-d250-a579-e46f49960001

April 4, 2017 Election Results


Voters went to the polls on April 4 to select their choices to lead local government bodies, including school boards, city councils, and more. Results are unofficial, and will be finalized later this month:

Jackson County:
In Carbondale, incumbent city council member Lee Fronabarger lost his re-election bid while former city manager Jeff Doherty was elected to the City Council.  Along with Doherty, incumbent council members Carolin Harvey and Jessica Bradshaw were re-elected.   Fronabarger has served on the Carbondale City Council since 2011.

In the Carbondale District 95 School Board race, Catherine Field, Carlton Smith, Natasha Zaretsky and Gary Shepherd won the open seats.

Voter turnout in the city was about 14%.

Williamson County:
Voters in Carterville overwhelmingly re-elected Mayor Brad Robinson over his challenger John Frost.   Robinson received 66% of the vote.

In the city alderman race, Bud Edwards won a three-way race in Ward-1 carrying 40% of the vote.

Jefferson County:
Voter turnout in Jefferson County was just under 29% as a little more than seven thousand voters went to the polls.

John Lewis won a 4-way race for mayor with more than 60% of the vote.  Former Mayor Mary Jayne Chesley did not run for reelection.

In the Mt. Vernon City Council race, James Rippy and Mike Young won the two open seats.

Mt. Vernon Voters also approved a school bond initiative that will provide more than $5 million for Mt. Vernon City schools.   It passed by more than 200 votes.

Perry County:
Perry County voters said yes to a proposition related to education.

They voted to increase the Pinckneyville School District 204 annual tax rate.

Randolph County:
Voters in Randolph County rejected a ballot issue that would've imposed a one percent sales tax increase.

Two-thirds of voters said no to the proposal to the tax increase for public safety purposes.

Richland County:
A total of 12 votes determined the outcome of the mayoral race in Olney.  The unofficial vote total indicates Mark Lambird won the post over challenger Belinda Henton 50% to 49%. Brian O'Neill II was a distant third.

In the Olney City Council race, Morgan Fehrebacher won a 4-way race for the open position.


Benton City Commissioner
*Donald Storey                 476
Melvin Dixon                      306

Christopher City Treasurer
*Katrina Claxton               248
Michael Deaton                165

Christopher Board of Alderman, Ward 3
*Brian Hargin                                     176
Marshall Deron Johnson                 17

Sesser Mayor
*Jason Ashmore               508
Glenn Gulley                        91

Sesser Board of Alderman, Ward 1
*Dana Laur                          78
Barry W. Ramey                                41

Sesser Board of Alderman, Ward 2
*Richard Lee Miller          161
Jeff W. Harmon                   85

Sesser Board of Alderman, Ward 3
*Alan Wayne Shannon                   147
Edith (Edie) D. Hawk                         56

Buckner Village Trustees (Vote for 3)
*Roy Rozhon                      44
*Rick Hefner                      44
Robert Klingel                    22
Herbery Krumrey              22

Ewing Village President
*Angela “Kay” McDowell                              37
Eric Haney                                                           35

North City Village Trustees (Vote for 3)
*Louis Thery                       92
*Mark Moschino              77
*James (Jimmy) Allen     76
Mark Parke                         59

West City Village President
*Ron House                        110
Mike Reed                           70

West City Village Trustee
*Bruce Watkins                 100
Steve Mumbower             77

Goode Township Highway Comm.
*Brent Loucks                    643
Mark Kash                           156

Goode Township Board of Trustees (Vote for 4)
*Terry L. Witcher              563
*Roger Loyd                       560
*Garry B. Eubanks           517
*Ronald R. Roberson      484
Joshua Qualls                     222
Wesley Kash                       200

Ewing Township Clerk
*Brenda Garvin                 185
Dana Rone                          144

Ewing Township Board of Trustees (Vote for 4)
*Scott Britton                    176
*Jeff Jones                         175
*Darrell Smith                   168
*Mark A. Smith                 143
Helen M. Townley           142
Terald Kniffen                   128
Ginger Johnson                 100
Donna Simpkins                  82

Benton Township Community Building Board of Managers (Vote for 3)
*Marty Shadowen                           685
*Joyce Atchison                                620
*Albert L. Smith                                464
Richard “Dick” Rouse                      457

Eastern Township Board of Trustees (Vote for 4)
*Jim. M. Hefiner                               100
*Marshal Clark                                    81
*William Roesch                                 81
*Debbie Jones                                    77
Jason Bennett                                     74
Dennis K. Summers                           60
Justin Summers                                  52

Six Mile Township Board of Trustees (Vote for 4)
*Dale Rhodes                                    143
*Charles W. Miller                           121
*Dale E. Martin                                 102
*Jerry Carpenter                              102
Ron Knox                                               99
Scott Fiss                                               93

Denning Township Highway Comm.
*Dave B. Willmore                           494
Randy W. Pearce                              279
Write-in                                                    8

Denning Township Board of Trustees (Vote for 4)
*Terry Joiner                                      468
*Robert E. Shelby                            405
*Mike E. McCarty                             403
*Andy Woods                                    386
Lawrence Jamrozek                        286

Frankfort Township Board of Trustees (Vote for 4)
*Dan L. Wells                                     702
*Tim Weaver                                     667
*John C. Odle                                     602
*Tim Grigsby                                      592
Jim Walton                                          447

Benton Public Library District Board of Trustees (Vote for 3)
*Kathy Storey                                    972
*Deborah K. Clark                            693
*Stephanie K. Hart                           496
Kelli D. Whittington                         491

Benton CCSD 47 Board of Ed. (Vote for 4)
*Gary Messersmith                        773
*Brad Wilson                                     735
*Lex Stewart                                      704
*Derek Stowers                                638
Norman Carlile                                  558
W. Scott Rice                                      539
Ron Winemiller                                 523

Akin Water District Board of Trustees (Vote for 4)
*Dennis Clark                     226
*Derek Johnson                194
*Dennis Summers           128
James Sullivan                   115
C.L. Carlile                           115

Jason Bennett                   106
Gaylen Jackson                   85


Vienna City Mayor
*Jon Simmons                   216
Kevin MacDonald             149

Vienna City Clerk
*Aleatha Wright                               302
Jessicca Skamser                63

Goreville Village Trustee (Vote for 3)
*Jason Beckmann            115
*Jody Johnson                  102
*Crissy Trovillion                84
Gary Draper                          73

Cypress Elementary School Dist. 64 Board of Ed. (Vote for 3)
*Roy West                          82
*Angela Rudluff                74
*Tedd Beggs                      71
Michael Schultz                 52


Cutler Village President
*Joseph Dwayne Loucks                59
Ricky J. Hepp                                      41

Pinckneyville Grade School District No. 50 Board of Ed. (Vote for 4)
*Austin Marlow                                455
*Kyle Pursell                                      423
*Gideon Hutchcraft                        337
*Aaron Johnson                                272
Richard Bates                                     225

Pinckneyville High School Dist. 101 Board of Ed. (Vote for 4)
*Gregory D. Thompson                 596
*Lisa Stanton                                     563
*Brian Kellerman                             543
*Jeffrey Suchomski                         520
James C. Denny                                297
Darrell Schweizer                             277

Du Quoin CUSD 300 Board of Ed. (Vote for 3)
*Mark A. Woodside                        877
*Patrick Riley                                     760
*Trenton L. Waller                           602
Dennis Cole                                        519
Mark Gates                                        509

Increase Annual Education Tax Rate
*Yes      152
No            72


Red Bud Alderman, Ward 2
*William Hanebutt                          136
James Birke                                          74

Baldwin Village President
*Jimmie L. Niemeyer                      54
Virgil L. Chandler                              33
Brad S. Denney                                 13

Coulterville Village Trustee (Vote for 3)
*Kathryn Curry Campbell              83
*Roger E. Long                                  80
*Tabitha C. Knope                           69
Brian Hobbs                                       60

Prairie Du Rocher Village President
*Raymond Cole                                93
David “Rudy” Mollet                       46

Steeleville Village Trustee (Vote for 3)
*Timothy R. Eichenseer                 315
*Cindy Sickmeyer                            306
*Larry L. Ruebke                              269
Daniel Shane Hill                               226

Tilden Village President
*Curtis Forcum                                  154
Glenda Cumberland                          95
Shayne Cordevant                             22

Tilden Village Trustee (Vote for 3)
*Jerry Laramore                              173
*Roy Mahan                                       138
*Jessica Lea                                        102
Dana Lakatos                                       96
Ron Chandler                                       95
Kenny Farrar                                        57
Tami Hickman                                      32

Red Bud School Dist. 132 Board of Ed. (Vote for 4)
*Todd Edward Birkner                   785
*David Goetting                               783
*Rick Stenzel                                     703
*Abigail Carter                                  672
Norbert Kassing                                406

Steeleville CUSD 138 Board of Ed. (Vote for 3)
*James W. Mevert                          490
*Fred Frederking                             473
*Rick A. Smith                                    392
Margo Thien-Block                          259

Sparta High School Board of Ed. (Vote for 3)
*Angela Craig                                     935
*Alan Young                                       697
*Janet Gerlach                                  629
Howard Paul Gallois                        597
W. Terry Waldron                            569

Randolph County 1% Public Safety Sales Tax Increase
Yes         1,436
*No       2,816


Cobden Village Trustee (Vote for 3)
*David Stewart                                 61
*Jean Britt                                           57
*Austin James Dean Sellars          47
Jesse Spencer

Dongola High School Dist. 66 Board of Ed. (Vote for 3)
*Mary J. Gibson                                63
*Dana Eddleman                              63
*Cherie Wright                                  61
John L. Snell                                        27


Ashley Mayor
*Sheri Pedtke                    116        
Len Piasecki                          75

Ashley City Council (Vote for 3)
*Ryan Davis                        125
*John Lanham                     96
*Leslie Jones                        82
William Strong                    70
Diana Joseph                       56

Nashville City Clerk
*Theresa Kurwicki           357
Jennifer Szopinski            265

Wamac Mayor
*Jackie Mathus, Jr.          16
Dale Burton                          5
Donna Dodson                    2

Wamac City Treasurer
*Elisabeth Jackson           19
Melissa Tellefsen               6

Addieville Village Trustee (Vote for 3)
*Jim Lehde                         39
*Alan Klingenberg           38
*Tiffany Lehde                  30
David Bening                      13

Hoyleton Village Clerk
*Cathy M. Livesay            64
Erin Schuette                     38

Oakdale Village President
*Cecil D. Alfedlt                30
Edward J. Ehret                 14

Richview Village Trustee (Vote for 3)
*Rick True                           32
*Steve Ebbs                       21
Melody Kay Turner          19
Sara Kiel                               19

Covington Township Highway Comm.
*Chuck Funke                    86
Glen Harmening               72

Covington Township Trustee (Vote for 4)
*Keith Schuette                115
*James Witte                     104
*Gerard  Restoff                82
*Dave Middendorf            81
Dannon Harre                      73
Jim Stein                                69

Hoyleton Township Highway Comm.
*Stanley Renth                 189
Mitchell Eickmeyer          121

Hoyleton Township Trustee (Vote for 4)
*Nathan N. Kasten          220
*James Lietz                       204
*Craig Finke                       191
*Douglas Knolhoff           188
Terry Reuter                      156

Pilot Knob Township Highway Comm.
*Joshua Ibendahl             63
Steven Roesener              29

Nashville High School Dist. 99 Board of Ed. (Vote for 4)
*Sharon L. Ogrzewalla    1171
*Shawn R. Cook                1145
*Kim E.Morris                    1140
*Randy Schwartzopf        919
Marsha R. Gajewski          893