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Plummer Continues Campaign without Democratic Challenger


The Republican nominee for the 12th Congressional District in southwestern Illinois is waiting to find out who his Democratic opponent will be in the November general election.
As the Democratic chairpersons in the 12 counties of the district work to select a candidate to replace Brad Harriman, who recently dropped out of the race due to a worsening medical condition, GOP nominee Jason Plummer is continuing to campaign without an opponent. Plummer was in Marion on Monday.  He says he realizes the Democrats are working to hand pick a candidate they feel can defeat him in November. He says the choice will likely be made by officials in St. Clair County.
Cape Girardeau Republican Congresswoman Jo Ann Emerson joined Plummer during his stop in Marion. Emerson says the 12th District race will be one of the ten most watched races in the nation this fall. Emerson joined Plummer as he unveiled the issues he believes are important to women in this campaign. Emerson says Plummer is smart to emphasize these issues because women are the true decision makers in most households.
Plummer says women are generally the most concerned about healthcare for their families and want a stable job market for themselves, their husbands and their children.  Plummer says the Democratic Party's policies of the past have made it difficult for young people to remain in southern Illinois, and he wants to change that.
He says Congresswoman Emerson is the right person to help him promote his women's coalition because her district mirrors the 12th District in terms of size, demographics and diversity.

National Guard Adjutant General Bill Enyart appears to be one of the front runners to replace Harriman as the Democratic nominee. Other names tossed around include State Representative John Bradley of Marion, Randolph County circuit clerk Barb Brown and Madison County judge Ann Callis. The decision is expected by June 23rd. Brown is co-chairing the committee in charge of selecting Harriman's replacement.