Jennifer Fuller

Associate Director for News & Public Affairs, Morning Edition Host

WSIU's award winning reporter bringing you the morning news, local political talk and market forecasts.

Jennifer Fuller joined the WSIU family at a very young age- as both a viewer and a listener! Growing up in Carterville, Jennifer enjoyed WSIU's PBS programming as a child and young adult, and then became even more involved when she attended SIUC and worked for both the radio and TV stations as a student.

Jennifer's love for news and public affairs led her to Springfield after college, where she earned her Master's Degree in Public Affairs Reporting from the University of Illinois-Springfield, and interned with the Illinois Radio Network. After that, she was an award-winning anchor and reporter for WTAX-AM in Springfield, covering education, medicine and political issues for the capitol city.

Following her time in Springfield, Jennifer returned home to southern Illinois, where she rejoined WSIU as a News Producer and Morning Anchor. She expanded and continued the Morning Conversation program, interviewing leaders in politics, education, medicine, arts and many other areas from all over the region and all over the world.

Jennifer is heavily involved in many organizations, including the Illinois News Broadcasters Association, where she currently serves as Past President. She also volunteers her time at her church and in other community groups and events.

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Southern Illinois University's leadership saw a changing of the guard Thursday, as trustees reorganized their structure for the coming year.

WSIU Radio's Jennifer Fuller has the morning's news and weather.

Illinois' Primary election is now in the history books. WSIU Radio's Jennifer Fuller talks with Paul Simon Public Policy Institute Director David Yepsen and Political Scientist John Jackson about the impact the state's election will have on the Presidential primary as well as what's in store for a variety of state races in the General Election.

In the 59th State Senate Race, Democrat Gary Forby has been declared the winner over his primary challenger Fred Kondritz.  Incumbent democrat Gary Forby with 78% of the vote easily defeated his primary challenger Fred Kondritz for the nomination. On the republican side of the ticket Mark Minor and Ken Burzynski ran a close race trading counties all evening long. Burzynski carried Williamson, Union, and Jackson Counties… while Minor held on in Franklin, Saline, and Alexander Counties to defeat Burzynski 55% to 45%. Minor advances to the November election against Gary Forby.

WSIU Radio's Jennifer Fuller talks with SIUC Chancellor Rita Cheng about tuition and fee increases, the Saluki Men's Basketball Head Coach vacancy, research opportunities and more.

WSIU Radio's Jennifer Fuller has the morning's news and weather.

WSIU Radio's Jennifer Fuller interviews SIUC Professor Matt Therrell, whose work includes the study of tree rings and drought. He'll be giving this month's Science Cafe lecture through the Science Center of Southern Illinois this Thursday evening in Carbondale.

WSIU Radio's Jennifer Fuller has the latest local news and weather.

Illinois' Primary election is just one week away and election organizers say they're reasonably confident things will go smoothly.  WSIU Radio's Jennifer Fuller talks with IL State Board of Elections Executive Director Rupert Borgsmiller about the preparation in this edition of Morning Conversation.

The Girl Scouts of the USA turned 100 years old Monday.  WSIU Radio's Jennifer Fuller talked with Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois CEO Villie Appoo and Board of Directors Chair Dixie Travelstead about the organization and its 100th birthday celebration.

Thursday was the International Day of the Woman… The SIUC Department of Radio Television in conjunction with the Global Media Research Center and The Department of Women, Gender and Sexuality hosted a special program featuring Dr. Carolyn Byerly.  Byerly is a professor of Journalism at Howard University. WSIU Radio’s Jennifer Fuller talked with Byerly about the role of women in the media for this edition of Morning Conversation.

WSIU Radio's Jennifer Fuller commemorates International Women's Day by interviewing Professor Carolyn Byerly of Howard University about her research on women in the media.

WSIU Radio's Jennifer Fuller hosts Eye on The Market with financial expert David England. In this segment, an update on the status of the global economy as well as a closer look at options.

WSIU Radio's Jennifer Fuller reports the morning's news and weather information.

WSIU Radio's Jennifer Fuller has the morning's news and weather.

WSIU Radio's Jennifer Fuller talks with Lisa Mann with the American Cancer Society about National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. 

WSIU Radio's Jennifer Fuller has the morning's news and weather.

In this edition of Morning Conversation, Host Jennifer Fuller talks with SIH Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Linda Bobo and SIUC Wellness Coordinator Christy Hamilton about a national trend involving AIDS. Experts say more and more young people (under 25 years old) are being infected with HIV and AIDS, and Dr. Bobo says many of the patients she sees were not informed of the risks or symptoms of the disease.

WSIU Radio's Jennifer Fuller has the latest news on FEMA storm assessments, an attempted bank robbery and more local and state information as well as your morning weather forecast.

Tornadoes do not occur very often during February in Illinois.But, as we found out last week in southern Illinois, when they do occur, they can be quite deadly.



Recovery efforts are continuing in southern Illinois as Federal Emergency Management Agency officials are due to assess damage from last week's deadly storms.

WSIU Radio's Jennifer Fuller starts your work week with the region's news and weather.

WSIU Radio's Jennifer Fuller has the morning's news and weather information.


The National Weather Service says there is still a threat of severe weather both this morning and this afternoon, as southern Illinois will see a warm front move through, followed by a cold front a few hours later.
NWS Meteorologist David Humphrey says storms may develop by mid-day today... after the warm front moves out and as the cold front moves in:
"There's a moderate risk for severe attached with the cold front, which would include the risk of large hail, damaging winds, and tornados."

WSIU Radio's Jennifer Fuller has the latest on Wednesday's tornado that ripped through Harrisburg, Illinois... plus other local news and weather information.

Jennifer Fuller, WSIU Radio

A Field team from the National Weather Service is on the ground in southern Illinois. A preliminary investigation suggests the tornado that surged through the Harrisburg area was an EF-4.

Jennifer Fuller, WSIU Radio

The recovery process is underway in Harrisburg following Wednesday morning's tornado that resulted in major damage and loss of life.

WSIU Radio's Jennifer Fuller talks with SIUC Interim Mathematics Chair Greg Budzban about the upcoming Little Egypt Math Week in southern Illinois.

National Weather Service


Severe weather has left a path of destruction across southern Illinois... plus new possibilities for health insurance for state workers and continued protests over proposed budget cuts. WSIU Radio's Jennifer Fuller has the latest.