Eileen Waldron

Senior Lecturer

Eileen Waldron is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Radio-Television at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

Ways to Connect


It's something you use every day: for flashlights, TV remotes, and kids toys - we're talking about alkaline batteries.  If you have ever thought twice about throwing them in the trash... you may be right.


Southern Illinois University researchers are conducting what is probably one of the largest ecosystem research experiments ever attempted -- the harvesting of 3-Million Asian Carp from the Illinois River. 

As Eileen Waldron reports, their goal is to see if fewer fish down-stream would decrease the threat to Lake Michigan.  The research team is also experimenting with turning the carp into fishmeal.

Sierra Club

An environmental advocacy group is holding a rally in Carbondale to raise awareness of the process known as "Fracking"

Nearly 5-thousand people in Illinois died in the last five years because they didn't have medical coverage.... says a new report from a health care consumer group.

"Families USA"  says people who are sick... put off going to the doctor... delay tests and procedures... when they have to pay out of pocket.

The group backs President Obama's Affordable Care Act.

Mustard Seed Sowers Farm

A new kind of garden is growing in an under-served Carbondale neighborhood.

In a few months veterans in the Carbondale area will have a new medical center.

Friends of Giant City

Illinois' State Parks need more than a half a billion dollars in deferred maintenance.  Lawmakers concluded the spring legislative session without agreeing on a means to help the Department of Natural Resources address the needs of the park system.  WSIU's Eileen Waldron takes a closer look at Giant City State Park in southern Illinois that is in serious trouble.