Dave Armstrong

Sounds Like Radio Host

Dave Armstrong began broadcasting experimental radio in 1999, notably hosting It's Too Damn Early for WDBX-FM since 2001, and Sounds Like Radio for WSIU Public Radio in 2010. He has also released music for labels such as Public Eyesore and Hal Tapes, as well as making numerous homemade discs and cassettes.

Armstrong enjoys collecting photo booth strips, blogging, reading, and other sedate pursuits. In addition to a his current career in the domestic sector, Armstrong has been a janitor, student, waiter, chef, textbook author, paid Enquirer contributor, tow truck operator, freelance demolition specialist, concert promoter, woodcutter, and a certified professional raconteur. Oh, and an astronaut. He has a tendency to slip off the rails now and then, even going so far as to refer to himself in the third person. He is most proud of his two children, who he's fairly sure are the best ones on the planet.

Visit Armstrong's blog Startling Moniker to learn more.