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Carbondale Mayor Mike Henry gives his State of the City Address for 2021

Carondale State of the City Address 2021
Benjy Jeffords
Carondale State of the City Address 2021

Carbondale's mayor says despite the challenges of COVID-19, the city is making strides in several areas.

Mayor Mike Henry says the city took some huge steps forward in sustainability by installing solar panels at three of the city’s properties, but they didn’t stop there.

“In addition, we are proud to announce we voted our first group of electric vehicles and participate in a study to transition our entire fleet to electric. Our work to go green will continue.”

Mayor Henry says it was financial challenge going through 2021 because of an increase in service needs for residents and businesses while also dealing with pandemic shut downs.

“Through a series of actions including cost cutting, leaving positions unfilled and reorganizing staff we finished FY 2021 with in our budget, which I’m proud to say will show that through these actions we were able to finish the year with a surplus which we be added to our reserve funds.”

The mayor also highlighted they’re the first community in Southern Illinois to employ mental health professionals in the police department.