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Carbondale City Council discusses distributing ARPA funds by March

City of Carbondale

The Carbondale City Council is working out how and when American Rescue Plan Act funds will be distributed.

The city of Carbondale received half of the 7.8 million dollars in American Rescue Plan Act funds.

Last month, the City Council discussed a timeline, hiring a consultant, and projects the city could should consider.

The money has to be obligated by the end of 2024 and spent by the end of 2026.

Councilman Adam Loos says the funds can help a lot of people and the city.

“Do I want to leave it laying on the table, it should be pumped into the economy, whether that's through, you know, city government spending or whether it's through community agencies spending. Councilman Adam Loos says the city should.”

Councilman Jeff Doherty says the city should save some of it for emergency use until the time limit is reached.

"Even if we get down to the last few months and we have money left, I'm sure we can get rid of it.

The council decided to extend the time allowed for funding request and will vote on the process and the second council meeting in November.

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