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Arbor District Hosting Meeting On Sunday Discussing Purpossed TIF District Expansion

Carbondale Proposed TIF Expansion
City of Carbondale
City of Carbondale
Carbondale Proposed TIF Expansion

Sunday the Arbor District in Carbondale will hold a meeting to discuss the city’s proposed TIF District expansion.

In June the city of Carbondale held a meeting to seek the public’s input on expanding TIF district 2 into three neighborhoods.

Those neighborhoods include part of the Northeast, Northwest side and the Arbor District.

City Manager Gary Williams says the reason for expanding the TIF is to stimulate redevelopment with the incentives that a TIF provides.

“TIF provides just a lot of opportunity, a lot of flexibility to redevelop our historic neighborhoods, which was the real driving factor behind this initiative. “

Arbor District Neighborhood Association Secretary Jane Adams says she would like to see development in those areas, but wants established guidelines to set standards for those improvements.

“We need some real hard, creative thinking by the city and the citizens and people among the landlords who want to do that kind of thinking to try to figure out so some real programs, some real policies that will help reverse the blight the TIF is I think one very good tool for doing that.

The Arbor district will host their meeting at St. Francis Xavier Church at 3pm Sunday.