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Local Government

Marion Will Allow Businesses to Reopen

City of Marion

The City of Marion won't be enforcing Governor JB Pritzker's stay-at-home order extension, which takes effect Friday.
Mayor Mike Absher says over the last month, he's had to pick what he calls "winners and losers" when answering questions from business owners in his community. He says he won't continue to do that.

"I will give you the direction as to what the governor's order states as best I can, but we simply do not have the policing resources to interpret and then dictate which businesses can be open or not."

Absher says Governor Pritzker has left enforcement of the stay-at-home order to "self-policing," and he will do the same. He says if a business or restaurant owner applies due diligence in putting safety measures in place, they should be allowed to operate.

See Mayor Absher's full statement here: