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Carbondale Mayor: I Won't Resign, It's Time to Move Forward


Carbondale's mayor says he's moving forward after two domestic incidents this year... and wants his critics to do the same.
There have been calls for Mike Henry to resign since the incidents came to light. But Henry says it's not affecting his ability to lead the city.
"You know, if felt that I had done something that I felt was detrimental, or against the law, or had harmed my wife, I would have resigned. But that didn't' happen, so I'm not going to resign and it's time for these few folks to let the city move forward and let us do the city's business."
Critics say Henry and Carbondale's Police Department tried to cover up the incidents. Henry says the officers responded, and were right to call other agencies to handle the investigations.

Henry made his comments in a WSIU InFocus interview Tuesday. You can hear more at this link.