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Indivisible Carbondale Holds "Early Retirement Party" to Protest Rep. Mike Bost

A group known as "Indivisible Carbondale" held a protest and what they're calling an early retirement party for Congressman Mike Bost Monday.

Early Monday afternoon about a dozen members of Indivisible Carbondale voiced their displeasure regarding Congressman Mike Bost's vote for the Republican Tax Bill.
Indivisible groups focus on opposing President Trump’s agenda and educating voters.
Indivisible Carbondale founder Elizabeth Malone says their local efforts will focus on Bost and brought him a surprise.
“We are presenting his local staff with a retirement cake as well as a pink slip.”
Malone and the rest of the group feel his vote would hurt the people of Southern Illinois.
“There’s just a plethora of things that effect lower and middle class individuals that are going to go away and then there’s corporations that are getting tax breaks that are going to be permanent.”
The group says if the tax plan becomes law 19% of Illinois middle class families will pay over $2000 more a year in taxes will also put medical and social services funding at risk.
After the Senate votes on their bill then the House will vote on that version or a combined version of both bills.
Monday’s protest is designed to get Bost to change his vote.
“What were trying to do is encourage Bost to this time vote on behalf of the majority of his constituents and not the 1%.”
Bost office says that most of the tax payers will see an increase in their tax returns with the passage of the tax reform bill.

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