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Civica Inc. announced plans to manufacture and distribute generic insulin at an affordable cost

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Civica plans to produce affordable insulin

A nonprofit generic drug company plans to manufacture and distribute insulin at a significantly lower cost to patients.

In March Civica Inc. announced plans to manufacture generic versions of Humalog, Lantus and Novolog insulin.

They’re also promising to keep the patients cost at $30 a vial and $55 for a box of five injectable pens.

Senior Vice President of Public Policy Allan Coukell (Cock-el) says these products can benefit more than 8 million Americans that are insulin dependent.

“Our mission is to do what is right for patients and so we'll be manufacturing the drug in our plant in the United States and selling it at a sustainable price, but without a huge return, because we don't have investors who are looking for a huge return.”

After the clinical studies are over the insulin will be manufactured and tested for stability before getting the FDA approval.

Distribution is expected to begin in 2024.

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