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American Red Cross facing historically low blood supplies ahead of the holiday season

Ahmad Ardity
Blood donations are especially critical during the holiday season

The American Red Cross is hoping for donors to give the gift of life during the holiday season as they face historically low blood supplies.

Blood donors are in high demand with the American Red Cross working to help restock the blood supply.

The process takes about an hour and reservations are encouraged.

Regional Communications Director Sherri McKinney says some donor centers are down to half a day’s supply and could run out quickly during an emergency.

“Even one bad car accident could wipe out a donor center. A lot of people don't realize that you're you can average about 100 units of blood if you are in car wreck and need blood., so it is that dire. In some surgeries, you know, require several units of blood afterwards.”

Hospitals are rescheduling non-emergency surgeries to preserve units of blood.

To find a donation site near you click here.

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