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Area Agencies See An Influx Of First Time Mental Health Clients

Gordon Johnson
Many of these clients have never experienced mental health difficulties before the pandemic.

Local agencies say they're seeing a shift in the types of clients they're getting thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Julie Bailey, clinical manager outpatient services with Centerstone, said the agency is seeing an increase in clients who are working professionals who may be seeking mental healthcare for the first time.

"Doctors and nurses and educators, that's a huge field, business owners, people that have worked in funeral service and various different roles like that where they're jobs have become such a tremendous source of stress for them since the beginning of the pandemic, that it's affected their mental health," she said.

Bailey said nobody should feel afraid to seek help, and that therapy can be a great tool for helping people navigate difficult situations. She said anxiety and depression are some of the most common diagnoses they are seeing in these patients.

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