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American Red Cross Has Emergency Need For Donors During Severe Blood Shortage

American Red Cross Blood Shortage
American Red Cross
American Red Cross
American Red Cross Blood Shortage

The American Red Cross continues to experience a severe blood shortage this summer and needs donors to help.

Summers can be challenging for the American Red Cross’s blood supply.

Twenty percent of their donations come from high schools and college campuses.
When school’s out over the summer donations decrease.

And Regional Communications Manager Joe Zydlo says compared to last summer, they’ve seen a 12 percent increase in requests for blood products.

“Every few seconds, someone in this country, in the United States needs blood. So there's a constant need for it. And when we have an uptick in demand, such as more trauma situations and organ transplants and elective surgeries, you know, some of those things that may not have happened last year, you know, for different reasons. And because of COVID, you know, we have that uptick. There's going to be more demand for it.”

Red Cross needs to collect more than 1,000 units a day to meet demand.

Red Cross is offering incentives for donating including $10 gift cards through the end of the month, Apple Music subscriptions next month and free gas for a year.

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