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SIU Researchers Study Nurse Burnout

Illinois News Connection
The study was conducted prior to the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

What’s behind nurse burnout? SIU researchers have been examining the causes.

Kelli Whittington, director of the nursing program, said the team conducted a nationwide survey, examining the causes of workplace emotional exhaustion. One major factor was community and support in the workplace.

"Do we have a culture that builds that sense of community where we all feel like we have each other’s back, we’re taking care of each other. If I need to take five minutes and go de-stress in the breakroom, can someone watch my patients for me or can someone check on me?" Whittington said, as an example.

Two other main factors in burnout were having a sense of an equitable workload and nurses having a control over the workday. The team hopes to expand the study, looking at burnout in other healthcare professionals. The study was conducted before the COVID-19 pandemic, and Whittington said they also hope to do a follow-up survey to see how the pandemic affected nurses.