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July is BIPOC Mental Health Month

Discrimination, biases, and microggressions can cause repeated trauma for people of color.

July is BIPOC mental health month. BIPOC stands for black, indigenous and people of color. When it comes to mental health, these communities face unique challenges, including the issue of racial trauma. Racial trauma comes from biases and discrimination faced by people of color.

Kayla Spikes, diversity and inclusion specialist at Centerstone, said part of the issue is that this kind of trauma is ongoing.

"With racial trauma, I think that a piece that sort of sets it apart is this ability to be re-traumatized on a really consistent basis, because you have things like microagressions, which are so subtle and often unintentional, but they often happen daily as well. So it's kind of like, there's this ability to be re-traumatized on a really consistent basis," Spikes said.

Spikes said it can be a challenge for BIPOC patients to find mental health professionals who understand those experiences, so it's important for those in the mental health field to learn cultural humility and how different cultures influence treatment.