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Warming Center Has Expanded Operations During Pandemic

The center changed operations to serve those in need during the pandemic.

The Carbondale Warming Center has expanded services during the COVID-19 pandemic, and community support is helping them continue to offer those.

Neighborhood Coop recently donated funds to the center, with cash donations from customers replacing the store’s wooden nickel program which was paused during the pandemic.

Due to COVID, the warming center has been remaining open 24 hours per day, and has added additional services designed to help guests find employment and get into permanent housing.

Executive Director Carmalita Cahill said they’ve seen success with their new jobs program.

“Sixty percent of the people who’ve done that program still have their jobs, have obtained and maintained a position,” Cahill said.

The center also created a safe space for COVID positive individuals who needed a place to recover after being released from the hospital.