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Egg Allergies No Longer A Reason To Avoid The Flu Shot


Some people who haven’t been able to get flu shots previously may be able to now.

Dr. Jason West, family physician with Southern Illinois Healthcare, said patients with egg allergies shouldn’t fear getting the flu shot this year.

“Really what the recommendation is, if you’ve had any sort of allergic reaction to an egg that is, other than just a mild rash, you can absolutely still get your flu shot,” West said. “We just still recommend that you do that in the setting of a doctor’s office where you can be monitored and watched for a potential allergic reaction.”

West said the change is due to how doctors understand allergic reactions. He encouraged any patient who’s been advised against the flu shot in the past to check in with their physician and see if the recommendation has changed.

It’s especially important this year, since it is possible for someone to be infected with flu and COVID-19 at the same time. Preventing flu is also important to help keep hospitals from being overwhelmed as COVID case surge.

West said the flu vaccine is safe for the vast majority of people. He also noted that children up to age 8 may need two doses the first time they get the vaccine, so parents should work with their doctor to make sure the whole family is fully vaccinated.