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Gallatin County Offers Rapid COVID-19 Test

Gloved hands putting a swab into a tube.
Mufid Majnun
The rapid COVID-19 test uses a nasal swab that is less invasive than the regular test.

Residents of Gallatin County won’t have to wait as long for COVID-19 test results, as the Gallatin County Wellness Center is now offering a rapid COVID-19 test for residents.

The rapid COVID test gives results in 15 minutes. Regular COVID tests can take anywhere from 1 day to more than a week to process, depending on the volume of tests being conducted.

Natalie Phelps-Finney, a nurse practitioner with Gallatin County Wellness Center, said the rapid test helps public health workers get started on contact tracing more quickly.She said it also helps people be more diligent about isolating themselves to prevent the spread of disease.

“It’s hard to quarantine. It really is,” Phelps-Finney said. “And I’ve found that if people get that positive result right then in front of tem, they’re much more responsible and accountable and quarantine ‘cause they get it.”

Phelps-Finney said they recommend patients have both the rapid and regular test done,for greatest accuracy.